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Driving Innovation to Pursue Excellent Transformation & Upgrading and Create Glory
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Synthesis Successfully Convenes 2016 Annual Summary and Commendation Meeting

On January 22nd, 2017, Synthesis held its 2016 Annual Summary and Commendation Meeting at Yanzi Mountain Villa in Jinan. Themed ‘Driving Innovation to Pursue Excellent Transformation & Upgrading and Create Glory’, the meeting was attended by leaders and staff of Synthesis and representatives from Synthesis Sunrise.

The general manager first comprehensively summarized the company’s completion of overall operation targets, performance, progress and existing problems in 2016. Synthesis systematically implemented enterprise development strategy upgrading ‘evolving from industry exploration to industry penetration, from intelligent recognition to intelligent cognition’, and established 185 medium- and long-term development plans. The phased implementation of strategic resource allocation, comprehensive implementation of ‘trinity’ marketing system construction and successful holding of all kinds of brand activities substantially promoted the brand image of Synthesis, opened up wide space for development in 2017 and the follow-up development of the company, and laid a solid foundation.

The innovative products and solutions forged by the Mobile Finance Business Division, Computer Vision Business Division, Convenient Payment Business Division and Synthesis Sunrise has been highly recognized by industry clients. Principals from various branches respectively made thesis reports to provide a powerful guarantee that the development goals in 2017 can be more steadily and firmly achieved.

The president made an important deployment of the company’s operation targets and the layout planning of all the work in 2017. This year, Synthesis will steadily promote the implementation of its strategic plans in various stages, and continuously promote the marketing of traditional products and identification technologies according to the 185 Development Strategy, concentrating on industry exploration, putting forth efforts in industry penetration, gathering the advantages of all parties, integrating internal and external resources, and sparing no efforts to carry forward intelligent cognition solutions in targeted industries.

With the beautiful unfolding of the sand painting Light and Shadow Synthesis, the annual commendation and medal presentation ceremony of Synthesis’s Annual Meeting began. Jazz glowing with the strength of youth, sidesplitting sketches, African drums full of passion and other splendid programs fully demonstrated the many talents and positive and industrious spiritual features of new and old Synthesis employees. The company’s leaders then issued certificates and trophies to 7 advanced teams, 22 advanced individuals, 5 advanced customer service staff members and production workers, and 8 new workers making prominent contributions in 2016. These heavy trophies not only represent the company’s affirmation of the work of excellent employees during the past year, but also bear the weight of higher expectations.

Drive innovation to pursue excellent transformation & upgrading and create glory! Bidding farewell to 2016, we lived up to the expectations; looking forward to 2017, we are full of confidence!

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